Why Us

Throughout the years, we have worked on so many different building projects it is almost too many to keep track of. Our builders have mastered the planning and execution of custom homes as well as the projects which are our wheelhouse like remodeling Wildomar CA, additions, hardscapes, and landscapes. Your experience with us begins before a shovel ever hits the dirt and this is a result of our own experience in the industry. A company that is not willing to offer you that either does not care or does not know how. We can offer extensive planning support to get you from even the faintest ideas to tangible real life. Whether you want expert consulting or to get started right away, we are ready to help you based on YOUR needs. Reach out to us today to begin making your dreams become a reality.

On Time

We are confident that while talking to your family and friends that you are considering some remodeling Wildomar CA it is highly likely that you have had someone tell you that it will take three to four times as long as you are initially quoted to complete. We hate that that is the thing people have come to expect from our industry. We know that working with people who value your time like you do is going to be high on the list of priorities when considering employing a company to do your remodeling Wildomar CA. We would be remiss if we were to begin working on a project for which we did not have a plan or timeline. Granted there are many steps to the process which means things could go wrong, but we aim to build that time into our initial estimate with you from the start. If anything comes up along the way we are certain to communicate that to you as soon as we know. The reason you hired us to do this remodeling Wildomar CA work is because you don’t want to have to worry about those things that could go wrong, so we strive to take that stress away from you. As mentioned in our core values here on the website, every member of our team is held to the standard of working with a sense of urgency as if it were their own home that was being worked on. We treat every one of our clients like family including the timeliness with which we do our work.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Our promise to you is that the work we do will always be of the highest quality and done with an emphasis on craftsmanship. We like to use the word craftsmanship as it relates to remodeling Wildomar CA because it really captures the essence of what the work can actually be. To us, it is not justa project or a job that we are working on, but a craft that we are specifically skilled at and that we are intentionally providing uniquely to each of our clients. Builders Innovation Group as a whole and on an individual basis operates in such a way that our clients never have to question or even consider asking if we are using the best materials for their project. We know we would never even think about giving our mother a temporary fix that could come back to hurt her later so why would we ever consider that for our clients. Paint may cover a multitude of sins in the eyes of some of our peers, but it does not compute that way for us. Repainting over duct tape and toothpicks is not remodeling Wildomar CA, so don’t accept less than excellence on your project. We never skimp on what needs to be done to do it the right way, nothing is worse than having to do something over because we didn’t get it right from the start so we avoid shabby work like the plague. Call us today so that we can show you the value behind all the words you are reading here!

 Licensed & Insured

We have lived and heard the disaster stories from our clients who have worked with some other remodeling Wildomar CA company. Too often there are companies that make it hard to trust any contractor ever again. We have heard of contractors taking the deposit and never coming back again and doing the work. We have seen contractors leaving the work unfinished and refusing to get it done. Or even refusing to accept that what was originally promised isn’t actually done and the whole project is held together with hopes and dreams! We have heard it before and are appalled by the lack of character necessary to do those things to another person. Over and over, you will see what we mean when we say that our business is built on family. We treat our clients like family when we take on any project or agree to some remodeling Wildomar CA. There are times when phony contractors will claim to represent a fully licensed and insured and were not actually qualified or licensed to do the work they agreed to do. We are always upfront with what we will and won’t do and with what our licensing is actually for. We recognize that the work we do is a service to our clients and hold that responsibility in the highest regard. When you work with us to do your remodeling Wildomar CA, you can trust that you are protected. Being licensed and insured is a protection for both of us that we happily keep and maintain because it ensures you can move forward with confidence just as much as we can. The standard we keep for ourselves to work with and provide the highest level of quality in our craftsmanship and workmanship requires us to do this too. There are bad people out there, but don’t let that be the reason that you never get the home of your dreams. Call us today to hear our hearts directly from us in how we can help you make all this a reality!

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