Mold Damage Remediation Services – Inland Empire & San Diego County

Mold can be very elusive, but even when it is not visible it can create very unsafe conditions in the air of your property.  We relentlessly tackle mold problems to restore the air quality of your environment.

Excessive moisture and humidity create environments in which mold thrives.  To prevent mold from growing, the most effective solution is to find and eliminate the source of moisture and humidity. If mold has already infiltrated your property, the first thing you should do is contact a professional damage restoration company such as BUILDER’S INNOVATION GROUP to safely and effectively remove it.  Using the latest technology in mold detection, we are able to quickly and accurately diagnose mold infestation and damage, which allows us to safely get it under control before it grows out of hand and causes further health hazards.


Mold damage inspection and assessment: A BUILDER’S INNOVATION GROUP mold damage professional will come by your home or business to carefully perform a thorough inspection for signs of mold. A variety of technologies will be used to detect mold and the source(s) where it comes from, as not all signs of mold or mold damage are visible to the naked eye.

Mold containment: There are various mold containment procedures that we use to prevent mold from spreading, one of them being the use of negative air chambers. This highly advanced procedure utilizes physical barriers to isolate the area of contamination.  Another method contains the mold spores during the mold cleanup, by utilizing negative air pressure.

Filtration of the air: Our filtration system captures airborne mold spores and purifies the air quality of your property. Our mold remediation specialists then use advanced equipment like air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to clean the air and to prevent the mold spores from spreading throughout your home or commercial property.

Remove the of contaminated materials: We will diminish outbreaks of mold and contain them with specialized anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatment techniques. Porous materials that have been heavily affected, such as carpeting and drywall, will be removed from your property disposed of safely and responsibly.

Clean up and restoration: All contents that can be salvaged from mold contamination will be cleaned, sanitized, and restored using a combination of cleaning & sanitization methods. We then remove mold odors and deodorize the materials with the help of fogging equipment.

At BUILDER’S INNOVATION GROUP we understand that mold does not only damage property structure, but that it can also be a danger to your health. Our goal is to find and eliminate these hazards in a way that does not disrupt the occupants of your home or business.

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  • "The crew was here at 8am sharp everyday, worked all day, and then cleaned up the site every night before leaving. They were very respectful and informed me on the plan for the day every morning, and updated the progress every night."

    Andy U.
  • "Very professional. Attention to detail. Done in a timely manner as promised. The concrete patio was beautiful. I am very pleased. I would recommend them to anyone. I will be hiring them back in a month to color the stamped sun and seal the concrete. If I have future work I will gladly hire them again."

    Doreen T.
  • "...Quick to respond, honest, gives realistic estimates based on work to be performed, knowledgeable, professional, and resourcesful. Based on our initial conversation about my project I decided to hire them because it is apparent that they takes great pride in their work and will treat your project as if they were building it at his own home."

    Ryan C.
  • "We are first time homeowners in California and recently had a slab leak, which resulted in our first floor being completely demo'd. Not only did they fix the problem, they dealt with our insurance and mortgage companies - which is no easy task. Other companies said it would take months. They worked around the clock and completed everything in less than 25 days. Their work is exceptional, we wouldn't refer anyone else!!!"

    Kristie S.