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Builder’s Innovation Group

We could sit here and tell you that we are a fully licensed and insured construction company providing superior customer service… which is all true. But that’s not what our company is about! 

Builder’s Innovation Group was built on Family.

“Family”– it is our legacy and at the root of our philosophy for several reasons. Ask any of our staff and you’ll get the same answer: we are a family serving families. We wouldn’t be where we are now if not for the steady desire to keep building and growing our legacy. And we certainly wouldn’t be here without each and every member of our family.  

BUILDER’S INNOVATION GROUP started from a desire to bring a higher level of care and concern to construction projects.

Our founder, having experienced a house fire while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, learned that the homeowner and family that experience such a tragedy don’t always receive compassionate treatment, but instead are often treated like a random number on an insurance claim.

Years later, after spending several years working with a prominent General Contractor that would witness firsthand the shabby work being done by companies, it was decided by the company leadership to start a construction company that would do things right, in a BIG way!

Meet Our Team

Jordan Box
Jordan BoxCEO
Kylle Little
Kylle LittleCFO
Adrian Reyes
Adrian ReyesCOO
Jimmie Crain
Jimmie CrainLead
Brandon Crowe
Brandon CroweHVAC Specialist
Alyssa Box
Alyssa Box
Cheryl Little
Cheryl Little
Korallee Hubbard
Korallee Hubbard

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